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法人独资 翻译

WFOE=wholly foreign owned enterprises 也可以简写 foreign owned

Limited Liability Company foreigner wholly-owned

正确翻译为: Non-natural investment or holdings corporate-owned 非自然人:Non-natural 控股的:holdings 法人独资:corporate-owned 人工逐个核实,希望采纳。

Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao legal person owned 望采纳,谢谢!

你好!美商独资企业 American owned enterprise

上面的也是一种翻译,我的翻译是这样的,你可以参考一下. By someone a sole ownership person of limited liability company (由某某独资的一人有限责任公司) Legal person (法人)

TaiWan,HongKang,Macao Legal representatives sole proprietorship

Taiwan , Hong Kong & Macao Corporation Owned Enterprises 台港澳法人独资企业

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