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own, have

拥有 [yōng yǒu]to have to possess关联词条:be possessed of land-poor have got in possession of own possession possess of possess take (transport) be seized of owned provided with hold

You actually have the whole world 你其实拥有全世界 You actually have the whole world

have和with或者there be句型都可以表示有, have用于人,表示某人有什么. with表示伴随可用于物,也可用于人. there be句型表示某地有什么,

拥有: 1. to have 2. to possess Relative explainations: Examples: 1. 我们希望拥有成功幸福的生活。 We hope to have a life of happiness and prosperity. 2. 拥有世界冠军是我们每个公民的骄傲。 It's a civic pride to have a champion. 3...

英文翻译:Once owned

repossess 1. The house was in default and the bank will repossess it. 房子拖欠贷款,银行会将其回收. 来自互联网 2. I've been authorized to repossess this property. 我已经被核可重新拥有这笔财产. 来自互联网 3. If you get behind in ...

own possess . ----------------------------------- 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

香港辅助警察队由社会各阶层的志愿人士组成,早于一九一四年成立,拥有悠久而光辉的历史。2.The country has a long tradition in the sport and pays much attention to the development of badminton.这个国家在这项运动上有着悠久的历史传统...

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