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in Full swing

in full swing英[in ful swiŋ]美[ɪn fʊl swɪŋ] adv.活跃; 蓬勃高涨 例句: Spring ploughing is in full swing. 春耕闹得正欢。


hot day, I entered the venue on the whole body sweat, although the opening of the air-conditioning, but is still done in full swing, sweat profusely...

My hometown is in (家乡名) where beautiful scenery, rich products, is in full swing, looked at the harvest of the rice you very happy. In...

On a sweltering day in alexander city, alabama, summer school was in full swing. 这是阿拉巴马州亚历山大炎热的一天,暑期学校正在火热进行中。 分享 评论 |...

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