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thE wAy it EnDs 歌词


歌名:The way it ends 【歌词】 The Way It Ends - Landon Pigg Run Is this to be our fate Hide Freedom is ours as long as we escape We walk in the shadows We do Find out what we all know Our time is near This is the way it ends D...

The Gossip - Heavy cross ooohh oh ooooh, oh oh oh ohhh ooohh oh ooooh, oh oh oh ohhh It's a cruel cruel world, to face on your own, A heavy cross, to carry alone, The lights are on, but ev...

朴树的colorful days


歌曲名:How It All Ends 歌手:The Mary Onettes 专辑:Hit the Waves Greg Laswell - How The Day Sounds Oh who would have ever known this? Could be this easy I was a long, long way off Then just like that it was over Everything I kne...

The end of the world - Skeeter Davis 歌曲:The end of the world 艺人:Skeeter Davis 专辑∶The end of the world 评论: 几位出色的男乡村艺人之后,让我们来聆听一下Skeeter Davis纯真的嗓音,对于这个已有些陌生的名字,或许会有人问:"她是谁...

tik tik boom rock n roll radioactive we found love rolling in the deep baby one more time roar tik tok love the way you lie firework


这就是世界完结的方式/不是砰的一声垮掉,而是轻轻地啜泣着消亡 是引用(t.s.eliot 的the hollow men,是一首诗 希望帮到你啊

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